Vekta is a lush and fertile planet located in the Alpha Centauri System.


Vekta was first colonized by the Helghan Corporation, who did so after the UCN's colonization attempt failed due to a solar storm. They named the planet after their CEO, Philip Vekta. The planet prospered quickly, as their infrastructure was established, it supplied foodstuffs and resources to the UCN. Eventually, the Helghan Corporation declared themselves independent of the UCN, and the UCN and ISA moved in on Vekta, taking over the planet and arresting high ranking members of the Helghan Corporation. ISA command was sent to govern the planet of Vekta. Eventually the rebels were driven into exile in the harsh mining world of Helghan. Due to the resulting expulsion of the Helghast populace, and Visari's rise to power, conflict between the two was inevitable sooner or later.

Second Extrasolar WarEdit

The Second Extrasolar War began in 2357, when the Helghast, filled with national pride and a hunger for vengeance against those who expelled them, began a surprise attack on Vekta. Due to the ISA traitor, General Stuart Adams, deactivates the SD Platforms, leaving only the ISA troops on the surface. The Helghast conquer half the planet in a matter of hours, swept in a tide of vengeful fury. The Helghast forces converge on the capital, Vekta City, with Captain Templar and his forces holding the line for nearly two years before the Helghast finally conquered the city in 2359. Templar's sacrifice was not in vain, as it gave the ISA invaluable time to regroup and keep up the fight against the Helghast. Battles raged across Vekta, including the Battle of Diortem and the Battle of Adenshin, both victories for the Helghast. Due to being tipped off by a Helghast traitor, Colonel Gregor Hakha, the ISA win their first victory in Rayhoven Air Base, keeping access to their nuclear stockpile.

Eventually, due to the failure of the UCN assault, the ISA launch the nuclear warhead codenamed Red Dust on the Helghast occupied Diortem in desperation. This backfires as Visari launches a massive propaganda campaign, as the ISA's own citizens lose trust in their government. Vekta eventually falls to the Helghast in late November, 2360, with the ISA high command and senate evacuating to Gyre.


After the fall of Vekta, Visari keeps consumerism as a large part of the economy so as to prevent discontent from the populace, constantly placing propaganda posters and channels throughout the planet, encouraging citizens to join the Helghast Army. Many new architectural plans are created, such as statues of Visari as well as the installment of military facilities in more isolated locations.
185px-Statue visari

Plans for statues of Visari.

As time went on, by 2400, many Helghast have since moved to Vekta. Vekta had become a major center of industry and commerce, due to its size and population.