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Visari Class Battlecruiser from a distance

The Visari Class Battlecruiser is among one of the most recent additions to the Helghast Navy, the brainchild of Nikolao Konstantine, a master engineer and among the best in the Helghast Empire.

Armaments and designEdit

The Visari Class Battlecruiser was given many improvements over the Helghast's previous ship designs, being armored with thick, Titanium Grade A plating, making it impervious to any impacts from space objects and can wave off anti air attacks without much damage. It is also designed to be a forward command center on the ground and in space, having multiple anti-personnel turrets to eliminate enemy hostiles on ground. In space, it is best known for its Petrusite Accelerator Cannon (PAC), with magnetic electrostatic plates to propel the petrusite projectile forward at a fraction of the speed of light, making it among the most deadly weapons in the Helghast's arsenal.


The Visari Class Battlecruiser was the brainchild of Nikolao Konstantine, one of the best engineers and designers in the Helghast Empire. Although considered far too expensive to put in production, the prospect of going through the Alpha Centauri Asteroid Field without heavy firepower made the Helghast Government decide that the Battlecruiser was a worthy investment. The first one was created in 2370. They played a large role in the assault of the Asteroid Field surrounding Gyre, taking out defenses and ISA ships with its PAC (Petrusite Accelerator Cannon). They were instrumental in the Asteroid Field and the invasion of Gyre. There are currently 8 Visari Class Battlecruisers in service, mostly patrolling conquered worlds or on duty in Helghan, should it come under attack.

Distinguished ShipsEdit

Visari's Wrath: Currently under the command of Admiral Cassius Milo, has distinguished itself in several events including breaking through the C.C.C. defenses on Romulus.